Manufacture process is highly automated, with precise cutting, drilling and painting. The furniture is produced with MDF and MDP, panels made of reforestation wood. The honeycomb panel provides excellent design. It´s robust, resistant and durable.

Finishing painted provides beautiful, resistant and easy to care furniture. Besides, ARTELY offers InTact finishing, a new painting technology with 4 colors that is very similar to natural wood.

ARTELY furniture has exclusive design, up to date with the latest international trends, pretty and functional.


- The ARTELY furniture are designed exclusively for indoor use. Should not be exposed to the action of water, splashes of rain and high humidity environments. Avoid direct and prolonged incidence of sunlight so that the color tone of the finish does not change. 

- When moving the mobile, avoid dragging, rubbing or hitting. 

- Be especially careful when installing devices for audio and video , preventing them from scratching the furniture.



- To clean use only a clean, dry cloth or a cloth slightly dampened with water. Never use abrasive cleaners such as detergents and others. 


 The company can make technical changes.